Aslett-Kurica Eye Center

Practice Philosophy

Our practice subscribes to the concept of promoting a high quality service to all patients.

We believe a safe, comfortable environment for patients, family members and staff members is required in order to provide optimum care.

With the physician as the head of our team, we recognize interdependence of health services in the community and the importance of our employees in supporting our doctors.

We believe in providing care at the lowest costs, with the least psychological, emotional or physical trauma possible.

Practice Goals

The practice has several key goals it will continue to work towards at all times. These important health goals are:

1. To provide skillful support to the physicians by employing personnel with outstanding ability and positive, willing attitudes, organized into a competent and smoothly functioning team;
2. To accord individual consideration and treatment to each patient;
3. To reduce or contain health care cost without compromising the quality of care;
4. Patients and families will be assisted to utilize appropriate community resources for the prevention, maintenance and treatment of their various health care needs as deemed necessary and specific to each situation.



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