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Charter Flights: We fly you conveniently to and from local airports, unlike Airlines that require longer runways far away from your destination. We offer convenient 24/7 service and comfortable, environmentally-friendly aircraft that flies on YOUR schedule. No more hassle with terminals, crowds, or lost luggage. Just drive up to the airplane and we fly you direct. Save time and eliminate hassle. At most locations, we can have a rental car or traditional taxi cab waiting when you arrive.


Tours: Take an exciting aerial tour of New Orleans. View the Mississippi River, the French Quarter, Superdome, and the Port of New Orleans. Then fly out to the beautiful bayous of South Louisiana. Of, if you prefer, our experienced and knowledgeable guides will customize your tour to see whatever you want!

Photography & Survey Flights: Capture that perfect bird's eye view with our experienced pilots who know where to find the best views of the city. We can also take you to remote locations that need surveying. There is plenty of cabin space for equipment and crew.

Joy Rides: Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or just an excuse to do something different, New Orleans is the perfect place to celebrate and see in its entirety from the sky. You sit in the pilot's seat and call the shots!

Air Courier: Time critical packages can fly safe and direct to the nearest airport to its destination, 24/7. Our courier team can even arrange pick up and delivery of your package.

Night Flight: Watch the sun set and lights sparkle over the Crescent City! New Orleans is a city that transforms at night. This is great for any romantic occasion, but can also be done as a tour flight: you decide!

Aerial Filming and Advising: Whether it's a movie, commercial or television production, we can provide advisory assistance in researching and planning aerial sequences, a platform from which to film the aerial sequences or provide airplanes for both action shots and as background props.

Transport: If you need your plane moved for maintenance, relocated to another airport, or temporarily moved out of the path of a hurricane, we can fly your plane anywhere in the country.


We also provide flight operation services;

24/7 Aircraft scheduling: To include crew scheduling, crew/passenger briefs, crew arrangements, international arrangements (via third party vendor), flight planning, crew record management, catering, etc.

Web Based Schedules: Customized to your needs. Mobile ready.

Aircraft Record Management: Up to date record keeping via smartphone or web.

Reports: Unlimited reports for all your corporate and operational needs.

  • Trip Sheet
  • Aircraft Monthly Usage Report
  • Pilot Currency Report
  • Flight Log Aircraft Annual Usage Report
  • Pilot Flight Logs
  • Passenger Itinerary
  • Passenger Usage Report
  • Pilot Monthly Report
  • Two-Week Schedule Personnel Records
  • Pilot Annual Report
  • Two-Week Schedule with Crew Fuel Purchase Report
  • Pilot Summary Report
  • Extended Schedule Aircraft Usage by Stage Length
  • Personal Usage (SIFL)
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Chargeback Report
  • Crew Duty Report
  • International Customs Forms
  • Division Charges
  • Administrative Duty Report
  • Maintenance Status Report
  • Maintenance Warnings

For The Pilots: We offer personal pilot portal pages, customized flight logs, flight record keeping (to include medical flight requirement tracking and notifications), mobile scheduling and flight reporting via smartphone.