Glaucoma is a degenerative disease that if left untreated can cause permanent damage to the optic nerve resulting in gradual vision loss and eventual blindness.

Damage to the optic nerve, due to glaucoma, is usually caused by an elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). Clear fluid, called aqueous humor circulates through the eye providing nourishment to the tissues pressure to help maintain the shape of the eye.

Open Angle Glaucoma (OAG), occurs when there is an increase in fluid production or a decrease in fluid drainage. Over time, as the optic nerve fibers are destroyed, peripheral (side) vision is lost.

How Is Glaucoma Detected?
Regular and complete eye examinations are the best way to detect Glaucoma. The tests are simple and painless. Our doctors will use these tests to diagnose glaucoma and determine the best treatment for the disease.

Treatment of Open Angle Glaucoma
The most common treatments for glaucoma have been the use of medications (in the form of eye drops or pills), laser therapy or surgery.

Medical treatments
Eye drops are commonly used to control glaucoma, however, they can be very expensive, messy, and have unwanted side effects.

Surgical treatments
If non-surgical methods fail to decrease pressure, surgery may be required to create a new drainage channel. Filtration surgeries are designed to relieve eye pressure by removing tissue, inserting implants in the eye, or a combination of both.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
SLT does not rely on medicines, instead, uses an advanced laser system to target only specific cells of the eye—those containing melanin, a natural pigment. This allows for only these cells to be affected, leaving surrounding tissue intact. As a result, your body’s own healing response helps lower the pressure in your eye.

Benefits of SLT
Safe: SLT is not associated with systemic side effects or the compliance and cost issues of medications.

Selective: SLT utilizes selective photo-thermolysis to target only specific cells, leaving the surrounding tissue intact.

Smart: SLT stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms to enhance outflow of the fluid in your eye.

Sensible: SLT therapy is reimbursed by Medicare and many other insurance providers, which minimizes your out-of-pocket expenses.

Early detection
Vision loss from glaucoma is permanent but can usually be prevented with early detection and treatment. Glaucoma management is usually a lifelong process that requires frequent monitoring and constant treatment.


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